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 Cable-Tite Home Tie Down F.A.Q.

  1. Can I install the Cable-Tite myself?
    Yes. It is simple to install for the professional or the do-it-yourselfer (download instructions), and you do not need any previous experience to install it. You will need a cable cutter, a drill for one hole, and a wrench to lock the system into place. After you install the first one, the rest should take less than 10 mins.
  2. Does this satisfy building code requirements?
    Yes. In non-coastal areas, there are no high wind hold-down requirements, so our system adds uplift holding value to existing construction. In the high wind regions, our cable system far exceeds the
    strength of the wood and the minimum requirement for hold-down.
  3. How can I back out the vise when I've pushed the cable too far?
    Everyone pushes the cable in too far. It's easy to back out the vise. The vise has 3 steel gripping teeth inside held down by a spring against a washer. Turn the vise until there's a gap between these teeth showing in the slot window. Use a tiny screwdriver, nail, or drill bit, and push upward on the washed, that is, towards the fat end of the vise. Vise will slide off.  NOTE: If cable has already been held in tension, then tap the vise down further, first. This will loosen the grip. (View Video)
  4. How many Cable-Tite’s do I need?
    This varies from house to house, but generally on each corner, on each side of a window or doorway, and every 4 feet. Cable-Tite is for outside walls. It is okay to install in interior walls, but not necessary.
  5. I have a two story house. Can I just use longer cable?
    No. We have a second-story kit that ties down the first story from the second. By using our system, if your second story fails, your first story will remain in tact. Make sure to order our easily installed second story kit. (View Video)
  6. Can I retrofit my house?
    Cable-Tite is for new construction and doesn’t retrofit very conveniently. It uses existing J-bolts and top plates, and goes between the studs. In many remodeling projects, these aren’t exposed. You could use it if you plan a major renovation.
  7. What if I order the wrong item?
    With Cable-Tite, our system is very flexible and should adapt to any new construction. There are very few parts, and they work for any style house and any ceiling heights. Some other companies have many customized parts which cannot be returned for a wrong measurement. Cable-Tite cables are cut on site, so you eliminate a lot of wrong parts.
  8. Do I need to tighten or replace the cables?
    No. Once the patented locking cap is locked, then the Cable-Tite system will remain tight and responsive forever.
  9. I don’t live in a high wind region, so do I need this system?
    This is a decision you need to make just like deciding to install a burglar alarm or sprinkler system. It will give you peace of mind during a windstorm.
  10. Will this save my house from tornado damage?
    Cable-Tite is designed for high wind uplift and tornadoes do not have that sort of wind. They have swirling high-pressure winds that pull out rather than up. But if a tornado comes close to your house, Cable-Tite offers some protection.
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