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Cable-Tite 101

     Helpful hints the make installation easier

  • Tools needed:  Two wrenches, drill with 1” bit, bolt/cable cutter
  • When stretching the cable at the top for tightening, pull the cable upward and tap the vise downward. This helps get that last ¼ inch to achieve proper tightness when locking the cap.
  • On one story applications, it’s helpful to cut cable 6” too long so you can grip easily at top and pull tight
  • In 2-story applications, measure the cable from anchor to anchor. Don’t cut it too long because there’s not much room for extra cable. If you cut it too long, then you can’t get proper tightness.
  • In 2-story applications, make sure to tighten the anchor nuts between the floors first. If not, one story will loosen when other is tightened.
  • The anchor nut needs one inch of thread on the J-Bolt. For slab, set the j-bolt 2 ½” about the slab, and for masonry foundation, set it 4” above block. Otherwise, you will need to cut j-bolt, an extra time consuming task.
  • For gable roofs, attach the cable to the top plate, typically at wall height.
  • When J-bolts are used in masonry block, they need to be poured solid, with cement/concrete, not mortar. Mortar does not hold as strong as concrete, so when pressure is applied to tighten the cable, the j-bolt will loosen.
  • You will need two wrenches to tighten locking cap. Cable needs between 600 and 1200 lbs. of torque. By pulling the cable tight by hand first, the locking cap will give approx 900 lbs. If you struggle to lock into place, then it’s too tight, and if you lock it with little effort, it’s too loose. A good test is to the “twang” the cable. It should make a low sounding note.
  •  Watch video on how to back out cable when pushed too far in the vise.
    1. Rotate the vise so the silver washer appears view in the slot on the side.
    2. Hint: if tension has already been placed on the vise/cable, it needs to be tapped further down the cable to loosen the teeth.
    3. Put tiny screwdriver into slot and push washer towards fat end of the vise.
    4. Cable will slide out, and you can start over.

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