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Revolutionizing Home Tie-Down Systems

The Cable‐Tite™ tie down system is the simplest, most secure method of protecting site-built, modular, and SIP built homes from structural damage caused by the high winds. Our innovative locking nut design permanently anchors the roof to the foundation, preventing uplifts caused by hurricanes and tornadoes.

Fastest Installation in the Tie down Industry

Cable‐Tite™ installation is easy and fast, while still providing superior strength far exceeding that of the surrounding wood framing. Our system uses industrial-strength flexible cable (6,700 lbs. tensile strength), cut on-site for easy installation to any wall height, enabling a 60-70% labor savings over other systems.

Cable‐Tite™ attaches using industry-standard anchor bolts, and installs in less than half the time of a typical threaded‐rod system. Because the cable is cut-to-length during installation, there is no wasted material. Components have been tested with loads in excess of cable tensile strength to ensure total reliability.

Cable‐Tite™ is built for modularity, making two-story and basement construction a breeze with connections at each floor. Cable‐Tite™ allows for quick disassembly for temporary or semi-permanent installations such as jobsite, trailers, and mobile homes.

Second Story Anchoring

For two or three story houses, it is necessary to tie off each floor separately. In the event of failure of the second floor, the first floor will remain intact. This unit should be ordered in addition to the regular story unit. To order the threaded rod through the floor application, measure the distance from bottom of top plate on first story to top of bottom plate on second story and add 2 inches for anchor nuts.

Patented Tie Down Strength

The secret to Cable‐Tite™ system’s speed and ease of installation is our unique patent‐pending cam‐lock mechanism. A quarter‐turn of a wrench is all that is required to uniformly pretension each cable as the system is being installed.

Contact Cable‐Tite™ today for more information on the simplest, strongest modular tie-down system on the market today.

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