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Tie-Down System Comparison

Choosing the Best Tie-Down System to Hurricane Proof your Home

There are three major types of tie-down systems: hurricane clips, threaded rods, and cables. Cable-Tite's innovative home tie-down system outshines all three in ease, cost, and efficiency.

Vs. Hurricane Clips & Straps

Hurricane clips, also known as galvanized metal connectors, are the most popular due to their price and availability at major lumber suppliers. Hurricane clips are a bottom tier solution, meeting only the minimum requirements for code approval and requiring a lengthy installation process. Due to the nature of their design, hurricane clips are only as strong as their weakest install point; generally ½ the strength of the wood.

Vs. Threaded Rods

Treaded rods provide a more rigid alternative to hurricane clips, but require expensive hardware to mitigate their inability to address accumulated compression.

Threaded rod installation is significantly more time consuming than hurricane clips, as rods must be perfectly straight for secure installation. Threaded rods are not flexible, and must be ordered prior to construction if lengths are greater than normal inventory. Since there are several components to the threaded rod system, care must be taken when ordering to ensure the accurate hardware is purchased.

Expensive coupling devices must be used in conjunction with threaded rod hardware to address any building settlement and shrinkage that occurs in 2 and 3 story homes. These couplings also require square cut ends for each threaded rod, and have their own specific rod diameter requirements.

Vs. Other Cable Tie-Down Systems

In addition to Cable-Tite, there are other cable tie-down systems already on the market. Cable tie-down systems are generally cut to length by the manufacturer, requiring advance ordering and a time consuming installation process. Cabling systems also require expensive epoxy glue that takes over 24 hours to harden. There is little room for error in lengths when ordering and installing these systems.

Cable-Tite Home Tie-Down Systems

Leading the next generation of home-tie down systems, Cable-Tite uses a patented cam locking cap & vise for easy installation, flexibility in lengths, and cost efficiency. Cable-Tite requires absolutely no pre-ordering, and can be installed within minutes by your own crews. Since cable is cut to length on-site, it is easily adaptable to any ceiling height and can accommodate multiple stories.

There are no bulky parts to store, keeping storage requirements to a bare minimum. Unlike other home tie-downs, Cable-Tite exceeds building code requirements by providing over twice the required uplift protection. Cable-Tite uses the same 5 parts fit all home anchoring applications, offering the most simple and flexible tie-down solution available today.



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