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Cable system option on new homes

Gallatin, TN – On April 11, 2010 (courtesy of the Daily Journal News)
Storm shelters are perfect for protecting people from tornadoes, but one company offers a system to secure an entire home.

Cable-Tite is a manufacturer of a patented tie-down system for high-wind uplift protection through the use of steel cables that run vertically from the roof to the foundation, explained Dale Richardson, business development director of Cable-Tite.

By securing the cables to a home's foundation, there is always pressure pulling downward on the roof — roughly 600 pounds of pre-tension pressure, Richardson said. Because of the nature of the system, Cable-Tite can only be installed in new construction.

"In a tornado, the winds are swirling round and round, and where you have a lot of damage is outside the center of the tornado. The insular winds at 70 to 80 miles per hour, and they're trying to twist the house around, not pick it up or crush it, just turn it," he continued.

This happens, again, because of pressure provided by the cables — the roof is holding up the walls, and the walls are holding the roof up — that prevent a house from sliding off the foundation resulting in condemnation of the structure.

"If a tornado is going to come close to you, this is fantastic protection, or if you're building on a hill or lake where you could get constant winds," Richardson said, it "just makes for a stronger house."

"Unfortunately, because of the nature of a tornado, there isn't a lot of protection from a direct hit," he concluded.




Gallatin, TN – On March 1, 2010 The IAPMO Certification Board issued an Evaluation
Report which certifies that Cable-Tite meets the International Building Code for residential
wood-frame construction in high-wind regions. IAPMO reviewed the certified Smith-Emery
Laboratories test results with their engineering staff and determined that Cable-Tite’s claim
as a hurricane hold-down system was true. The report, number 0170, is available to read
online at

New home builders continue to search for the most robust system for protection from uplift
caused by high winds. There is a good, better, and best approach for what they choose. The
metal hurricane clips are a good system that allows for minimum protection. The threaded
rods offer better protection but are difficult to install. The best system is the “Cable-Tite”
system that uses cables to create a continuous path from the roof to the foundation.

“Other current methods are time consuming and expensive. Cable-Tite is an easy system to
install, in about half the time, and offers better protection”, says Dale Richardson, Business
Development Director at Cable-Tite. “The high-strength steel cable is attached to the top
plate and held securely in place with our patented cam locking cap and nut screwed to the
concrete embedded anchor bolt.”

With the recent certification, engineers, builders, codes inspectors, and ultimately, home
owners can request and use Cable-Tite Tie-Down Systems with confidence.



Cable-Tite Featured in INCAST Magazine

Design Freedom & Alloy Choice Make Investment Casting Best Alternative for Producing Home Construction Tie-down System

Design freedom as well as alloy choice made investment casting the best, and perhaps the only choice for producing an assembly of parts used in “Cable-Tite” tie down system for fixing the walls and roof of a home to its foundation to protect the structure against high winds.

A finalist in the Investment Casting Institute’s recent casting contest, the three-piece assembly manufactured by Precision Castings of Tennessee (PCT), illustrates not only the flexibility of investment casting as a manufacturing process, but also how pervasive investment casting is in everyday life. Investment casting components not only serve in critical applications on aircraft and automobiles, they also keep homes safe and secure.

PCT Director of Engineering Clay Cooper indicated that these are parts are the first of their kind in the construction and home reinforcement industries.
“While the construction and home reinforcement industries traditionally have used the cheapest means of manufacturing a product, there is a rising demand for a quality tie-down system as building codes along the coastal regions of the US have adopted requirements for wind resistant designs in all new homes,” Cooper said.

“This product uses the investment casting process to meet the unique design needs in a user friendly, cost competitive product which exceeds all other products on the market in strength and installation flexibility,” he added. “These parts showcase some of the great design capabilities of the investment casting process specifically to industries that have traditionally used others means of fabrication for hardware and parts.”

“From the beginning, there were several critical design limitations. Primarily this assembly had to be completely contained in a standard 2”x4” framed wall so that it was undetected once the home was completed,” Cooper explained. “Furthermore, the new components had to be designed in such a way to interface with existing parts used to hold the high-strength cables.”

He pointed out that the three areas of design– form, fit and function– were met in distinctive ways in the design of the tie-down system, thanks in large part to the investment casting process and its unique flexibility.

The investment process allowed for the parts to be designed to a form or shape that was easily enclosed within a standard wall. The design of these parts also took into consideration the shape of the existing parts being used in the assembly. In doing so, two of the castings have a channel in them to allow the mating strand-vise (cable holding part) to freely slide them.

“These are small design features, but they are critical for the castings to have a proper fit in the assembly,” he continued. “Additionally, with investment casting process’s nearly unlimited alloy choice we were able to create a design for the form and fit of the assembly and then choose an alloy to achieve the required mechanical strength of the assembly.

“Also, the primary design feature for the assembly, the patented external cam on the anchor casting, allows the system to be consistently pre-tensioned after installation. This unique design feature is nearly impossible with many manufacturing processes, but with the investment casting process it is a reality,” he said. “The external cam and the alloy choice allow the tie down system to meet the function requirements of the design after the form and fit portions of the design process had already been established.”

“In addition to meeting the design requirements, the investment casting process allowed for the parts in the assembly to have a modern, aesthetically pleasing look with extra features such as a alignment guide lines, no-slip knurling, ribbing for strength, and company logos cast right into the parts,” Cooper said.

“While some of these unique design features would be possible in some way in other manufacturing processes, all them together in the same design would be nearly impossible outside of the versatile investment casting process.”




Indianapolis – The Investment Casting Institute awarded Precision Casting of Tennessee, Inc. a finalist at their Awards Presentation, October 12, for the design and casting of Cable-Tite components. They were sighted for their contribution to the home building industry as they competed with manufacturers of aerospace, military, automotive, and medical castings for the casting industry’s highest honors.

“We knew we had a winner in the design of Cable-Tite. It’s so rewarding to have that confirmed by the industry” said T. Allen Bransford, President of PCT.

Cable-Tite is a patented hurricane tie-down system for securing the top plate to the foundation in new home construction. It offers protection from uplift caused by high winds. It was designed and tested to exceed building code requirements in high-wind regions of up to 150 MPH hurricane winds.



Cable-tite on display at the GHBA Product Expo

On October 22, 2009 Cable-tite will be on display at a booth during the GHBA Product Expo in Houston, Texas. We joined the Greater Houston Builders association last month and are excited to be taking part in this Expo.  The Cable-Tite team will demo the product in Booth 50.  Stop by to see the product in action, or just to say hello.  Visit the GHBA Product Expo website for more information.


Cable-Tite Joins the Greater Houston Builders Association

The Greater Houston Builders association is a great resources for both consumers and builders in the Houston, Texas area.  By joining the GHBA, our Cable-Tite product has the strong backing of an amazing organization that is dedicated to helping Houston build better homes.  For more information about GHBA visit their website;   



Precision Castings of Tennessee (PCT) ‘Ties Down’ New Application

Gallatin Company Expects Growth from Construction Based Product Line
By - The Gallatin Economic Development Agency

Jun 16, 2009 – Precision Castings of Tennessee, (PCT) a mainstay Gallatin company since 1977, has broadened its product line to include a patented high-wind tie-down system for new home construction, according to Ted Bransford, PCT President. Cable-Tite uses a cable to secure the top plate and roof to the foundation. This offers uplift protection for homes during high-wind conditions, such as hurricanes and straight line shear winds. The Cable-Tite components are produced exclusively by PCT.

PCT, the 2008 I.C.I International Casting Award winner, employs 50 people at its manufacturing facility on Calvert Drive. They cast an array of parts for a variety of uses, most notably for weapons used by United States military.

Cable-Tite is the result of a partnership between Bransford, two PCT engineers, Clay Cooper and Andrew Butler, and, Mac McCaleb, a customer of PCT. The product line is a result of stricter building codes and insurance requirements that many Gulf Coast and southern Atlantic Coast cities adopted in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. There was an urgent need to build stronger, safer, more robust homes that could withstand future storms, saving the loss of property and lives.

The Cable-Tite system utilizes extra high strength steel cables between the stud walls of homes – from the foundation to the top plate – using a locking nut and cap mechanism to secure the cables. Once in place and tightened to approximately 900 lbs of pressure, the cables will withstand 150 MPH straight-line winds that a hurricane can produce.

PCT is the exclusive manufacturer of the system. The company is already well ahead of last year’s sales pace with their current customers. Cable-Tite is expected to boost production volume by 30 percent with sales up to $3 million. The goal is to supply the system to 600 to 1,000 new homes a month. Bransford projects the new product line will ultimately add between 15 and 30 new positions at PCT. The non-profit “Make It Right Foundation” is committed to use Cable-Tite as their tie-down system in 150 new replacement homes being built in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

“This type of growth with our local existing company base often goes overlooked, but the importance of it to our overall economic well-being cannot be overstated,” said Clay Walker, Executive Director of the Gallatin Economic Development Agency. “Traditionally, we know that 75-80 percent of our job growth will come from existing companies. Their payrolls and taxes continue to boost our local economy, while the recruitment of new companies garners most of the headlines and attention. In these challenging economic times of downsizing and job losses, the importance of your existing manufacturing base’s growth is even more vital.”

Cable-Tite is the newest player in the industry with several established competitors that specialize in securing homes in high-wind regions. The patented cable system separates Cable-Tite from other companies that incorporate threaded steel rods, or metal clips. Unlike the rods or clips, the cable system adjusts to houses shifting over time and can be installed easier and at less expense. They exceed the hold-down value of the other systems.

The Cable-Tite system holds down the house during high winds and keeps it securely locked to the foundation. Often during high winds a house can shift, or “drift”, 2”-3” off it’s foundation. The drift will require either an expensive procedure to reset it on the foundation correctly, or be torn down completely.

“We build a better mousetrap”, says Bransford. “Our tag line says it all…..”before you board it up, tie it down”….Cable-Tite’s versatility, durability, robustness, and ease of installation does just that….ties it down.”




WZTV- FOX17 Televises the First Middle Tennessee Home Built with Cable-Tite

Nashville, Tenn., June 9, 2009 – Cable-Tite and Fred Yates Homes exhibited the first Cable-Tite supported Middle Tennessee home at their May 19 open house event in Gallatin, Tenn.

Watch the Cable-tite WSMV News Coverage video

Nashville WZTV- FOX 17 viewers tuned in on June 8 to learn how dozens of Cable-Tite anchor tie down systems were installed in the $2 million lake house.

"It is a concept that is brand new to Middle Tennessee," said FOX-17 news anchor Scott Couch. "[Cable-Tite] can enable homes to withstand winds up to 170 mph."

Middle Tennessee was recently victim to an EF4 tornado that killed 2 people and caused millions of dollars in damage. Cable-Tite builders say that adding Cable-Tite tie downs could make Tennessee homes safer than ever.

"A series of metal cables run through the walls of the home, stretching from the foundation to the roof," said FOX 17 reporter Erika Lathon. "Tie down systems like these are required along US coastal regions to reduce damage from hurricanes."

Dale Richardson, head of Cable-Tite business development, is confident that Cable-Tite can help new Tennessee homeowners prevent straight line wind damage.

"When the wind blows and they've got a storm coming, there's some security in knowing that I've got this system in my house. There's a little more security, a little better feeling about the construction even though it's a product they don't see," said Richardson.

Video coverage of the event is available at Cable-Tite's website,, as well as WZTV's website. Cable-Tite is also scheduled to participate in a 150-home reconstruction project in New Orleans.


WSMV-TV Recognizes Cable-Tite as a Solution to Protect Tennessee Homeowners from High Wind Damage  -

Nashville, Tenn., June 3, 2009 – Cable-Tite received local television coverage for developing a home tie-down solution designed to mitigate damage from high speed winds.

Watch the Cable-tite WSMV News Coverage video

Cable-Tite and Fred Yates Homes held an open house event in Gallatin, Tenn., on May 19, 2009, where Cable-Tite installed dozens of cable tie downs in a $2 million home that is under construction. NBC's WSMV-TV televised an interview with event coordinators Dale Richardson and Andrew Butler, which aired June 2 on Nashville Channel 4.

On April 10, 2009, over 200 homes in Murfreesboro, Tenn., were damaged or destroyed from tornado damage. Cable-Tite home tie down systems are intended for use in new residential construction, and can prevent straight-line wind damage that occurs during tornadoes.

"Much of this destruction came from lesser winds around the storm," said Alan Frio, reporter for WSMV-TV. "A lot of it was foundation damage. If a home shifts 2, perhaps 3 inches off its foundation, it could be a total loss."

The Home Builders Association of Tennessee said it's important that new-home construction be as safe as possible to withstand high winds. For a fraction of the total value of the home, Cable-Tite cable systems can protect Tennessee homeowners from winds up to 90mph; comparable to EF-1 tornado winds.

Unlike most home anchor systems, Cable-Tite's patented cam lock mechanism requires only a quarter-turn of a wrench to uniformly pretension each installed cable. This system attaches the top of the wood framing to the foundation, creating a continuous load path that protects the framing from uplift damage caused by straight line winds from hurricanes and tornadoes.

"It keeps it in a package," said Dale Richardson, a Cable-Tite representative. "It keeps the top secure to the bottom."

Video coverage of the event is available at Cable-Tite's website,, as well as WSMV's website. Cable-Tite will also be participating in a 150-home reconstruction project in New Orleans.

For more information on Cable-Tite home tie downs, contact Dale Richardson at, or call 1-800-989-4143.

About Cable-Tite
Based out of Gallatin, Tenn., Cable-Tite is committed to providing the simplest, strongest home tie-down system on the market today. Cable-Tite is designed by the engineers at Precision Castings of Tennessee, a leading provider of precision steel cast parts for the defense industry.

Company Information
430 Calvert Drive
Gallatin, TN 37066
Phone: 800-989-4143

Cable-Tite™ to Show Installed Product in Tennessee  - 5/10/2009

On Wednesday May 19 Cable-Tite will be showing their product to all who want to stop by our newest installation in Gallatin, TN.  We will have engineers on hand to explain how are product works and answer any questions you may have. Lunch will be provided and we'll be showing from 11:30am to 1:00pm CST.

This Fred Yates designed home features 61 Cable-Tite tie down systems installed in it.  We have left the walls open so you can see the product installed and how easy it is to install, from the anchors to the vises, cables, and top plate. Stop by and see the product for yourself.  

Please let us know in advance if you will be showing up.  RSVP to Dale Richardson - 800-989-4143

Address of luncheon:
931 Lake Park Drive
Gallatin, TN 37066|
Map it | Directions

Cable-Tite™ to Exhibit in the 54th Annual New Orleans Home & Garden   - 3/10/2009

We will be displaying our Cable-Tite tie-down system in booth 817, come by and visit us.  For more information on the show, visit 

Newest Innovation in Modular Tie-Down Systems - 2/14/2009

The Cable‐Tite™ tie down system has been developed to secure site-built, modular and SIP built homes to their foundations to prevent structural damage from uplift caused by strong straight-line winds such as those associated with hurricanes and tornados.  The system works with standard hurricane clips to positively secure the roof to the foundation.

Cable‐Tite™ was designed to make installing an uplift prevention system easy and fast while providing strength far exceeding that of the surrounding wood framing.  Precision cast steel parts are light and strong.  High-strength stranded steel cable is cut on-site to provide custom installation for each application regardless of actual wall height.  Heavy-duty cable vices provide unmatched holding power.  Installation time is less than half the time of a typical threaded-rod system, and because the cable is cut to length when the system is installed there is no wasted material.

The secret to Cable‐Tite™ system’s speed and ease of installation is a unique patent-pending cam-lock mechanism.  A quarter-turn of a wrench is all that is required to uniformly pretension each cable as the system is being installed.  Cable‐Tite™ designed by the engineers at Precision Castings of Tennessee, a leading provider of precision steel cast parts to the defense industry. For further information please contact Cable-Tite at  or call  800-989-4143.

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