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Home Anchor Design & Installation
Quick Home Anchoring Solution

Cable‐Tite™ home tie downs were designed to make installing an uplift prevention system faster, easier, and stronger than ever. Cable-Tite uses precision cast industrial steel parts, providing strength far exceeding that of the surrounding wood framing.

High-strength stranded steel cable is cut on-site to provide custom installation for each application regardless of actual wall height.  Heavy-duty cable vices provide unmatched holding power.  Installation time is less than half the time of typical threaded rod systems & hurricane straps, and because the cable is cut to length when the system is installed, there is no wasted material.

Download Installation Instruction Guide

Patented Home Tie Down Technology

The secret to Cable‐Tite™ system’s speed and ease of installation is a unique patent-pending cam-lock mechanism.  A quarter-turn of a wrench is all that is required to uniformly pretension each cable as the system is being installed.  Cable‐Tite™ was designed through a collaboration between TelaJack LLC and Precision Castings of Tennessee, a leading provider of precision cast parts to the defense industry.

Contact Cable‐Tite™ today for more information on the simplest, strongest modular tie-down system on the market today.

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